Goku & Krilin Mug Dragon Ball

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Goku & Krilin Mug Dragon Ball

Our friends from ABYstyle pay tribute to the origins of Dragon Ball with this great mug model! It's dedicated to Goku and Krillin! Although nowadays those times seem very distant to us, there was a stage when Dragon Ball was a much more modest series. Before the tyrants of space, the androids of the future and the tournaments between universes, our protagonist was a kid who went on an adventure in search of the legendary dragon balls. It was at that time that he was trained by the master Muten Roshi with another very peculiar boy: Krilin. His first martial arts tournaments are history of the series! Maybe Goku quickly surpassed Krilin in strength, but luckily this charismatic character remained one of the usual of the series. And even today he still is!

This fantastic mug is made of ceramic and measures 10 centimeters high by 12 wide, approximately. Its capacity is 320 milliliters. The inner side is white, while the outer side shows a spectacular image in which we see Goku and Krilin with the look they had in the early days of Dragon Ball. There is also the "turtle" kanji worn by both disciples of the master Muten Roshi. Our two protagonists appear throwing a kick in the air. It's as if they were participating in one of the first martial arts tournaments in the series! Thanks to its high quality printing process, this product can be used in the dishwasher and in the microwave without deterioration. This mug is an official license of Dragon Ball and has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

Travel to the beginning of your favorite series at every breakfast! What are you waiting for to get the Goku & Krilin Mug Dragon Ball made by ABYstyle?

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