Bardock Figures

Have you ever wanted to have an authentic Bardock figure in your hands? In Kurogami we have a wide selection of some of the most beloved characters by the Dragon Ball fandom.

We are committed to figures of the highest quality, always working with leading manufacturers and rejecting imitations. Relive the most epic moments of Goku and Raditz's father with us!

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Bardock Dragon Ball Collector Figures

Do you remember the mythical scene in which Bardock ends up being defeated by the feared Freeza? Now you can recall the most mythical moments of him in the movies, such as the battle for the survival of his planet or the transformation of him into Super Saiyan.

Our collection of figures includes great collector's items that are hard to find. Some of them are out of stock due to their high demand, although you can get them well in advance. At Kurogami we give you the option to buy them in advance, so you don't miss out on your Bardock figure.

Bardock Dragon Ball Z figures

The Bardock from Dragon Ball Z is the best known and the one we all remember. How to forget his visions of his future or his attempt to stop Frieza from destroying his home? Although he was not a canon character from manga and an exclusive to OVAs and movies, he will always remain in our minds as a great hero.

If you like the classic Bardock, you will surely love to get one of his figures. You can find Goku's father in his base form and in Super Saiyan, as well as with different types of clothing. They are so well made that they look real!

Bardock Dragon Ball Super Figures

As with Broly, Akira Toriyama decided to make Bardock canon in Dragon Ball Super. Although he shares a name and appearance with the former, he has a completely different story.

Take a look at our collection and discover all our Bardock figures in Dragon Ball Super. You can get incredible figures of this new version of the Saiyan in our store.

Bardock figures made by premium manufacturers

At Kurogami we are not satisfied with just any Bardock figure and we only have the best on the market. You will not find any kind of bootleg or imitation in our store, since we are committed to guaranteeing excellent quality in each of our products.

To achieve this, we work with the best manufacturers on the market, such as Bandai and Banpresto, who offer figures made of PVC and ABS, and offer an extraordinary level of detail. Get yours and you will feel that you are inside the anime!

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If you are a true collector, surely you are interested in knowing our Kurogami JUMP! Club. It is a Premium subscription that offers you great advantages, such as free shipping, 10% discount in our physical store and triple points on each order. You can exchange them for great gifts!

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Receive your Bardock figure with all the facilities

Getting your Bardock figure and any Dragon Ball character is quick and easy with Kurogami. Choose between several forms of payment such as PayPal, transfer, Bizum, card or cash on delivery. You can also choose different shipping methods, selecting between several transport agencies or even the local collection option.

At Kurogami we not only sell high quality figures, but also all kinds of merchandising of your favorite manga and anime. In addition, you can find other Japanese products, including food and drink exclusive to the Japanese country.

Do you want to receive your figures without paying shipping? It is as easy as placing an order over 60 euros. You can combine all the products in the store to reach this amount. Remember that you can also subscribe to Kurogami JUMP! to get free shipping on all orders.

Do you want to know more about the figures or reserve your favorite? Contact us and we will give you more information without obligation. Our team of experts will advise you so that you can get the figure you are looking for.

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