Goku Figures

We all agree that Dragon Ball wouldn't make any sense without Goku, right?

That's why we have figures from all the Dragon Ball sagas, from the youngest Goku, when he began his adventure with Bulma and Krillin, to his fight against the Gods of Destruction.

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Find your ideal Goku figure

In Kurogami we offer you a whole collection of figures with the most epic moments of your favorite warrior.

The first time he transformed into a Super Saiyan or the battle against Piccolo in the Martial Arts Tournament are moments that are hard to forget for any fan.

If you are a true Dragon Ball geek, you can take home all the ideal Dragon Ball figures for collectors.

Figures of Dragon Ball of Son Goku

Do you remember Goku happily strolling on his Kinton cloud?

Manufactured by Banpresto with all the details and with a size that is around 13 cm, this is just one of the Goku figures from the Dragon Ball saga that you can find in our catalog.

Goku Dragon Ball Z figures

Did your stomach shrink too with Son Goku's battle against Frieza?

We bring you the Dragon Ball Z figure of Goku that you were looking for in this mythical combat.

Made of PVC and ABS and brought directly from Japan by the best brands such as Bandai and Banpresto.

Goku Dragon Ball GT figures

We bring you Son Goku in all his splendor in our Dragon Ball GT figures.

If you want to relive the adventures of Goku, Pan and Trunks in search of the seven Dragon Balls in the universe, take a look at our figures to immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball universe.

Manufactured by Banpresto in materials such as PVC and ABS and sizes that are around 15 cm, our figures will not leave you indifferent.

Goku Dragon Ball Super figures

What did you think of the first transformation that Son Goku obtained in God mode to be able to fight against Bills the God of Destruction of Universe 7?

Goku Black figure

The terrible Goku Black comes from the future to destroy all forms of life!

Get one of the most iconic characters from Dragon Ball Super. Relive epic battles such as Goku Black and Zamasu against Goku and Vegeta thanks to the figures that you can find in our catalog.

Goku articulated figures

Our Son Goku figures are so curried that they seem to have a life of their own.

That's why we bring you figures with interchangeable pieces, like these of Goku that allow you to transform his head and give a more realistic touch to your collection.

Goku static figurines

Are you one of those who stayed glued to the television freaking out with Goku's super attacks?

In Kurogami we have figures of all possible attacks, such as the Kamehameha, the Genkidama or the teleportation of the inhabitants of the planet Yardrat.

Quality manufacturers in our Goku figures

At Kurogami we only work with the best brands in the sector. Brought directly from Japan, our figures are made by leaders like Banpresto and Bandai.

Designing their figures with the utmost attention to detail and originality is the main objective of Banpresto, which also offers you light and resistant materials such as PVC and ABS.

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The shipment of resin figures has a fixed cost of 18€.

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