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In Kurogami we have the figure of Gohan in various models and brands of reference. You will be able to relive the most epic moments of Goku's son, such as his transformation into the ultimate Gohan or the brutal fight in Super Saiyan 2 against Cell. All our figures are of high quality, made with the best materials and by reference manufacturers, such as Bandai or Banpresto.

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Gohan Dragon Ball Collector Figures

You can buy the Gohan Dragon Ball figure in all stages of the anime. With their child and adult figures you will once again live their best battles. All of them have impressive details and are very well made, so much so that they will make you relive those magnificent fights of your childhood.

Inside these figures are authentic collector's items, many of them out of stock. So that you do not run out of them, we offer you the option to buy them in advance and reserve them. We even give you the possibility to pay it in three convenient installments, so you can buy without complications.

Gohan Dragon Ball Z Figures

Gohan was always one of the characters with the most potential in the series, perhaps wasted due to his calm nature, but with an impressive hidden power. His gentle spirit has not prevented him from starring in great battles, such as when he attacked Raditz as a child or when he faced the monster Bu with the ultimate transformation of him.

Remembering is living again and buying your Gohan figure will help you remember the most mythical fights in manga and anime. In our catalog you can find Gohan figures for children and adults in all the transformations of Dragon Ball Z, including that of Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. You can also get other more alternatives, such as the Gohan figure of the future, one of the fan favorite characters.

Gohan Dragon Ball Super Figures

The new Dragon Ball series brought with it the return of Gohan, who returned as a family man who was no longer interested in fighting. Luckily, that changed throughout the series and we got to see him fight in the Tournament of Power, where he proved that he still had incredible power.

In Kurogami we also have Dragon Ball Super figures, including the definitive Gohan figure and other transformations. We are sure that our extensive collection of one of the most beloved characters by fans will not disappoint you.

Our Son Gohan figures, manufactured by the best brands

If you are a true fan, surely you remember all the details that Akira Toriyama put in his work. Gohan's fight against Cell was a work of art and we all remember him, like his growth on the planet Namek or his training in the Room of Time.

For the experience to be unique and you can recreate his spectacular battles, each Gohan figure must be of quality and have all the details. For this reason, we only have big brands like Funko, MegaHouse, Bandai and Banpresto. The latter works the figures especially well, as it offers an extraordinary level of detail, identical to that of the Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro drawings. Many are collector's figures with their base and made of quality materials such as PVC and ABS.

We also collaborate with other lesser known brands, but of an equally excellent quality. What we never do is sell imitations or Bootlegs in our store, since they do not meet the minimum quality that we demand of our products.

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Discover how are our free shipping on each Gohan figure

If you want to buy figures of Gohan and other great characters from Dragon Ball, take a look at our store. We are experts in figures and merchandising of the best manga and anime of Japanese culture, also including food and drink from the Japanese country.

Buying with us has a reward, since we include free shipping on figures and other products. It is as simple as placing an order over 60 euros. Another option to get free shipping is to subscribe to Kurogami JUMP!

Choose the transport agency that best suits you to receive your products in 24 hours. If you don't want to wait another minute to have your figure, too.

If you have more questions about our products or want to order a figure that you do not see in the store, you can contact us without obligation. At Kurogami we have a specialized team that will be in charge of solving all your problems, as well as informing you about all the news in the sector. We will wait for you!

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