Conditions of purchase

Acceptance and availability of the General Contract Conditions

By accepting this contract, you declare:
a. That you are a person of legal age and with the capacity to contract, or you have the authorization of your legal guardian. 

b. That you have read and accept these general conditions. 

These general conditions regulate the legal relationship that emanates from the contracting processes carried out between users-clients, hereinafter, from the Web page located at the url , owned by Importaciones Kokuro SL, with registered office at C / Mercury 16 PI Torregroses CP: 03690 San Vicente - Alicante and Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Alicante. Volume 4039, page 185, entry 1 with page A-155323. Hereinafter Kurogami .  


The Client accepts the General Conditions from the moment they use or contract the service or purchase any product. By firm order in our Ecommerce, order by mail, or by telephone order.

This document can be printed and stored by the Client.  

Kurogami makes the e-mail address info @ available to the Client, or the telephone number 966147399 so that they can raise any questions about the General Conditions.    


· Prices:

- All our prices include VAT. 

- Prices are exclusive for sale in our ecommerce 

Kurogami reserves the right to carry out specific promotions at its different points of sale, therefore, prices may differ in our different platforms, such as physical stores, points of sale at fairs, salons and ecommerce, being in each of them the price marked at the time of purchase, different from each other. Due to specific promotions that we can exercise at the time of purchase. 

Kurogami reserves any possibility of altering its pricing policy, at any time and without any complaint from customers or third parties. Orders already made firm, their purchase price will always be respected. 

- You have a period of 72 hours to make the payment of the order. If not, it will be considered that you are not interested in the order and it will be automatically canceled.


· Payment Methods:

We have various forms of payment, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Pay by bank transfer, direct entry at the window or from an ATM .

This is a very practical form of payment to buy in Kurogami, if you do not have a bank card, checking account or PayPal. You can go to any BBVA branch that there are many throughout Spain, and make the deposit at the window, or faster and more convenient from the ATM. As soon as you have made the payment, and to speed up the processes, send us the proof of payment to the email info @ . Remember to indicate your order number! Remember that if we do not receive payment for the order within 72 hours, it will be automatically canceled to release the stock. If you need more time, let us know by mail or by phone so that we do not cancel your order Pay with a bank card .  

This form of payment has no commission or expense for you.

It is a very convenient and fast payment method.

We accept the main bank cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, so that it is more convenient for you to make your purchase with Kurogami. We process this payment through the Redsys platform, which is a leader in processing bank card payments and a benchmark for the security they offer. The system used is a secure and encrypted connection from the payment gateway. We NEVER have access to your card data, nor will it be saved in our system. 


Pay from Paypal. 


This payment method is very comfortable, easy and safe. Financial data travels through Paypal to Paypal. It is one of the safest systems out there. It has a Management fee of 3.5% on the order. With a minimum cost of € 2.50


Payment in cash at your home. Cash on delivery.


From Kurogami, we also offer cash on delivery. This means that you will pay the full amount of your order to the dealer who will deliver the order. You will have to pay the order to the delivery person before you can open your package. If you have a problem, you can make a return as indicated below.

Remember that this means of payment is one more way to pay for your order, but they are firm orders, if you reject the package once it reaches your home, they will return the order to us, charging us the return shipping costs. If you did this, we would cancel your user's cash on delivery payment method.

If you have regretted placing the order, nothing happens, let us know before shipping and we will cancel it without problem.

This form of payment has a management fee of 2.5% that the agency charges us with a minimum of € 3.00 per order.


The Cash on Delivery option is only valid for the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and Portugal .


Installment Payment with Sequra.

Kurogami offers you a new form of deferred payment with the Sequra company. This option is only for products in Stock, since for Reservations, we have our own financing.

With this form of payment, you can buy whatever you want we have in stock and pay for it later, always from € 50 purchase. It is a financing offered by the Sequra company. Financial data only goes through the Sequra company, Kurogami does not have access to any financial data.

This service offers fractionation of the payment in real time at the time of purchase, without cumbersome paperwork, without waiting and only using your credit or debit card. It allows you to pay it in 3, 6 or 12 monthly installments, always from the date of purchase, when the first installment is charged. After validation, the remaining fees will be automatically charged to the card used every 30 days. Some additional benefits are:

-During the purchase process, the fee calculator or informative pop-ups to which you have access allow you to calculate the exact final cost of the product payment installment.

-There is a single cost from € 3, depending on the amount to be divided.

-You can pay off the rest of the payment plan at any time you want, without having to take charge of the remaining fractionation costs, just the current monthly cost. 


· Shipping: 

Kurogami will proceed to send the order received as completed within the following 24 hours (business days) as long as all the material is in stock and it has been verified that payment has been made, except in the case that the The chosen form of payment is cash on delivery which is authorized instantly.

The delivery times indicated by Kurogami are specified in each product sheet , Kurogami strives to respect them. However, if your order is delayed for more than the indicated period, it will not imply that there is a cancellation of the order or any compensation. Let us know if you have had any delay and we can study your case.   

The delivery will be considered made at the time the carrier has made the products available to the customer and the customer has signed the delivery receipt document, remember that anyone within the shipping address can pick up your order. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the products upon receipt and expose all the exceptions and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt document. 

We can make the shipment to where you want, your home, your work, the house of a friend, for this you have two types of address, one for billing and another for shipping (In case of specifying an address other than the one reflected in your file and want the name to be different, you must indicate it in the comment box). And if it's for a gift, don't forget to check the gift wrapping option, which is free! And the card option with the message you want us to put on it.

The transport agency makes up to 2 deliveries at the address you indicate. For a third delivery, you would have to pay as a new shipment, or go to the delegation in your area to pick it up. In Kurogami we notify you via email when we are preparing your order, we notify you with another email when we make the shipment with the tracking number and the agency. You will be responsible for being attentive and that someone is at home to receive your order. And if the agency has not managed to locate you to deliver the order, in the end they will return the order to our warehouse, having to pay the postage again to make a new shipment. Both the agency and Kurogami, we are quite "tiresome" and when in the second attempt we cannot locate you, we call and send an email to arrange the delivery. We do our best to ensure that no packages are returned. If you have any questions, call us and we will solve it for you!   



It is the customer's obligation to notify within 48 hours of receiving the order to report any eventuality, lack of material, defect, breakage, etc.

After 48 hours, Kurogami will not be responsible for claims made for this purpose. 

 · Offer items in special promotions:  

At Kurogami we like to pamper you and from time to time you can find special promotions in which we will put on sale products to celebrate a special date or sales such as those of January or summer.

* Discount coupons will not be accumulated on the products that enter these promotions and campaigns.


Points Program:

We have a points program that rewards the purchase of some products. 

You will be able to see the points that your purchase accumulates in the shopping cart, before finalizing the order. Points are cumulative, and have a real value in Euros. You can always see your points balance in your account. Although the points are cumulative and you will not lose them, you can only spend up to a maximum of the equivalent of 10 Euros on a purchase. The rest of the points will remain in your account and these do not expire. Points will only be effective in your account once the order is paid and confirmed.

Both the points awarded by a product, as well as the value of each point, may vary without prior notice if the company deems it appropriate. 

Returns (Right of withdrawal):

In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund of your purchase at Kurogami. Both in the physical store and in our ecommerce.

You have 14 calendar days from the receipt of your purchase. (Article 44 Law 47/2002). The right of withdrawal, in terms of shipping, management and product return costs will be covered by the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree, 1/2007.

We understand that, on certain dates such as Christmas, it may overwhelm you to have this deadline since they are usually for gifts, let us know in the comments of the order, and we will extend the deadline until January 30 ^ _ ^

You must send the form that you will find in this link or you can send us an email to info @ indicating that you want to return the product, indicating the reason for the return, the order number, and if the payment was cash on delivery or bank transfer , indicating a bank account number to make the payment. Kurogami will send you   

Kurogami will return the amount of the purchase in the same form of payment that was used, except for returns on custom-made products or special orders, once the item is received and everything is in perfect condition. 

Kurogami will not accept returns if the product is not presented in perfect condition. 

Kurogami will not accept returns if the product packaging is not the original or it is not in perfect condition. 

The original packaging must be protected so that it is received in perfect condition, the use of seals and adhesive tapes applied directly on it is prohibited.


Assumptions of Return of a product:


· You do not like the article once it has arrived at your house. You can return it by sending it back to the return address that we indicate in the return form.         

· The product is defective in origin: You will have to send us to info @ , the photos of the damage and indicating your order number. Once authorized by Kurogami, we will send you another similar item with a collection of the defective item. Please have the item ready for the carrier to pick it up, well packed and protected. As long as it is in the Iberian Peninsula or the Balearic Islands. If it is in another geographical area, we will tell you how to proceed. The boxes or blisters are considered packaging, so the return by default of origin will not be applied to orders in which only the box or blister is damaged, the figure or article being in perfect condition.           

· If it is for a gift and you did not like it or you already have it. Don't worry, we will change it as long as it is sealed and in perfect condition. You will have to notify us by mail, indicating your order number. Once approved by Kurogami, you can send us the item and request another item of the same or higher amount. The cost of the return and the adjustment of the price of the item, if any, will be borne by the customer.         

· If you have received an item that does not correspond to what you ordered. We apologize, the guys at the warehouse were wrong! You must send an email to info @ or call us at 966147399 and Kurogami will tell you how to proceed. The usual thing is that you send us a photograph indicating the item that has arrived. Once checked with the warehouse, we will send you the correct item and collect the wrong item. All this is at our expense, which we have put the paw in: 3                 

· Cosplays are considered Reserve items. At Kurogami we provide you with all the information and advice you need so that you can request the correct size. However, if you have made a mistake with the size of your cosplay, we offer you to change the size of the cosplay. Send us an email to info @ and we will tell you how to proceed.               

· Returns of items in RESERVATION will not be accepted. We have to order these items from our distributors and they are firm orders. No right to return. Please think about it before purchasing the item.          

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