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In Kurogami we have available the figure of Tanjiro Kamado from Kimetsu no Yaiba and other anime characters. Tanjiro was forcibly turned into a demon hunter to avenge the death of his family, living epic moments that you can now relive with our fabulous figures.

All Tanjiro figures have an exceptional quality, always betting on the best manufacturers on the market. They have great detail and that will make you remember the most mythical parts of history.

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Your Tanjiro Kamado figure to collect

The protagonist had to go through very hard times and learn to strengthen himself during his path in the anime. At Kurogami we have Tanjiro Kamado figures that recreate all kinds of scenes, including hard-to-find collector's items.

Many of these figures are works of art and of very limited stock due to their high demand. Some of these figures have not even gone on sale in Europe, so they are ideal options for you to have a totally exclusive collection.

Get your Tanjiro figure before anyone else

Do you remember Tanjiro's flying ax during his first match against Giyu Tomioka? Without a doubt, it is one of the fandom's favorite moments. Now you can recreate it with your favorite Tanjiro figure.

At Kurogami we help you get all the Tanjiro figures before anyone else, including exclusive pieces from Japan. The most sought-after pieces are usually not in stock, so you should reserve them in advance to be the first to enjoy them when they are available.

Find your favorite Tanjiro figure in Kurogami

Tanjiro has left us many moments to remember as the protagonist of Demon Slayer. We have seen him fight against the fifth upper moon using the Breath of the Fire God for the first time together with his sister Nezuko using his Blood Demon Art.

If you are looking for unique figures of Kimetsu no Yaiba and the protagonists of him, at Kurogami we are here to help you. If you can't find a special figure, we can do it for you.

First-rate manufacturing of our Tanjiro figures

The only way to faithfully recreate the particularities of Tanjiro and other characters is to bet on original figures from the best manufacturers. In our store you will never find bootlegs or imitations of any kind, since we only work with official manufacturers.

The most popular are Funko, Bandai and Banpresto, who work the figures in an excellent way. In addition, we also have figures from other less popular manufacturers, but that also offer spectacular quality, such as Furyu, Kotobukiya or Good Smile Company.

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If you want to get the best benefits and save by collecting, join the Kurogami JUMP!, our VIP club for the most geeks. For only 34.95 euros a year, we offer you a myriad of advantages, such as free shipping, a 10% discount on all orders from our physical store and 30 days for returns. In addition, you will receive triple points for the purchases you make, priority in shipments and exclusive gifts in all orders placed.

The service includes the wrapping of all the gifts you make and also a detail from us for your birthday. And that's not all. If you are part of the club, you will have a 25% discount on Selecta Visión DVDs and BDs (with popcorn included). Don't wait any longer and join!

Get your order without shipping costs!

In Kurogami you can buy the best Tanjiro figures and other products from your favorite anime. We also have official merchandising, a selection of Japanese food and drink, and other products based on the culture of the Japanese country.

If you place an order of more than 60 euros or if you are from our VIP club, your shipping will be totally free. In addition, our commitment is that you receive it with all the facilities. You can choose between several transport agencies and several forms of payment, such as cash on delivery, PayPal, transfer or Bizum.

If you still have doubts, don't worry. We have a team of specialists who know the market perfectly and are ready to help you with everything you need. Contact us and we will advise you without any commitment.

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