Fidelity Program: Points

Hello Kurolovers!

We bring you the full explanation of our points system, the Kuropoints, with which shopping at is even more exciting!

How does it work? For every 5€ you spend, you'll add 1 Kuropoint to your account, which is equivalent to 0.05€. Very easy, isn't it?

5€ spent = 1 Kuropoints

1 Kuropoint = 0.05€

If your purchase in euros has decimals above 50 cents, we will round up and add an extra Kuropoint. For example, if you spend 47.40€, we add 9 Kuropoints (0.45€), but if you spend 47.90€, we add 10 Kuropoints (0.50€).

By the way, keep in mind that for products exceeding 200 euros, you will reach a cap of 40 points that won't increase. This is because we love you going crazy shopping, but we also need to keep the ship afloat.

Remember, Kurolovers, that shipping costs and cash on delivery payments do not generate Kuropoints, only the price of the products does.

Now then, when will your Kuropoints be ready to use? It depends on the payment method!

Payment by PayPal, card or Bizum: Your points will be available in your account the very moment you make the payment.

Payment by bank transfer: Your points will be added to your account when your transfer reaches our account (usually takes between 1 and 2 days).

Reservations paid in installments: Your points will be added when you finish paying the last installment.

Payment on delivery: Your points will be added when we receive the amount of the order (approximately four weeks after delivery).

Pick up in store or warehouse: Your points will be applied when the order is paid.

Payment with Sequra: Your points will be available when the order is paid.

Are you wondering how to redeem your accumulated

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