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Vegeta figures are one of the most prized collectibles in the Dragon Ball universe. And it is that the eternal rival of Goku has always aroused mixed feelings among fans of the anime of Akira Toriyama.

At Kurogami, we offer you a wide selection of all kinds of original Vegeta figures to make you relive the most memorable moments of the prince of the Saiyans.

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Vegeta Dragon Ball Collector Figures

Each Vegeta figure will transport you to some of the most iconic scenes of the character in Dragon Ball, such as the transformation of him into the giant monkey Ozaru, the Super Saiyan form of level 4 or when he became the evil Majin Vegeta.

Our Dragon Ball Vegeta figures are authentic collector's items that every geek should have at home and are made with the best materials on the market.

For this reason, at Kurogami we guarantee the best quality in the manufacture of our products. Only then can you show off your Dragon Ball Vegeta figures for years and years.

Here you will find figures from all the Dragon Ball sagas, from the most classic to the most recent, so you don't run out of your favorite version of Vegeta.

Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Figures

That Dragon Ball Z has become one of the most popular sagas in the history of Japanese anime is a reality and one of the main culprits for its success has been the charismatic character of Vegeta.

Discover our Dragon Ball Vegeta figures made of high quality PVC and ABS. You can find them in all sizes, ranging from 11 to 34 cm.

Majin Vegeta figure

Do you remember the time when Vegeta decided to let himself be controlled by Babidi to increase his power? How to forget that big 'M' painted on his forehead and his face full of anger, right?

Our 3-piece acrylic Majin Vegeta figure will transport you directly to the battlefield and will make any space in your room increase its Ki to the maximum.

Vegeta Dragon Ball GT Figures

We all waited for the moment when Vegeta became Super Saiyan 4. And he didn't make it until he faced Goku in Dragon Ball GT. Thanks to the help of Bulma and her Bruit Ray generator, we were able to see him in his Ozaru form.

If you want to relive that epic battle, you're in luck. In our catalog you will find figures that represent that scene and many others. Get your original Vegeta figure manufactured by reference brands such as Banpresto or Bandai.

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super Figures

You thought you knew what the power of a Saiyan was until he dressed Vegeta and Goku in Dragon Ball Super. And you know!

Vegeta broke the limits of the Super Warrior and, like his friend and his rival Kakaroto, he earned the category of Super Saiyan God. Do you remember the peculiar blue hair from his transformations?

Feel the power of a Super Saiyan Blue by acquiring a Vegeta figure in high quality PVC and ABS. You can find them in different sizes and up to almost 30 cm, all of them original.

Articulated figures of Vegeta

Do you want your Dragon Ball Vegeta figure to be able to launch a Final Flash with all his power? No problem. With our articulated Vegeta figures you can adapt the body position of your Saiyan as you want.

In addition, they also contain interchangeable parts, such as the head and hands, which will add a more spectacular touch to the scene.

Vegeta static figure

If you are one of those who hallucinated when Vegeta launched his fearsome Big Bang attack, the static figures of Vegeta will enchant you. They perfectly capture the power of a Saiyan in action, while giving you an extraordinary level of detail.

Some figures also include their own base so your Vegeta will be able to deliver a flying punch or a Final Flash while he hovers in midair.

Quality manufacturers on all Vegeta Dragon Ball figures

At Kurogami, our commitment is that the figures in our catalog are always original and manufactured by the best brands.

We bet both on firms such as Banpresto and Bandai, two benchmarks in the sector, as well as on other less popular brands, such as ABYstyle. They all have in common that they always pamper their products to offer you the highest quality.

Also, if you don't want to run the risk of your favorite Super Warrior figure running out, we offer you the option of booking several months in advance. You can even do it before they go on sale in Europe!

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