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If you want the authentic figure of one of the most famous villains in Dragon Ball, count on Kurogami. We have stock of the Freeza figure in all its variants, replicating his most memorable moments from the anime. All our figures are official, made with quality materials and manufactured by masters of the sector such as Bandai or Banpresto.

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Get your Freeza collector figure

Who doesn't remember Friezer's most epic moments in the anime? The terrifying first appearance of him in his first form, his transformation to his final form and of course the last form he reached in Dragon Ball Super. Whatever your favorite moment, in Kurogami you can relive it with your Freeza figure. We also have the Golden Freeza figure, one of the most sought after by fans of the series.

Our figures are of the highest quality, since we only work with official manufacturers, without bootlegs or counterfeits. In addition, we include collector figures imported from Japan and very difficult to obtain. Make sure to reserve them several months in advance to get them sooner and avoid running out of stock.

Figures Dragon Ball Z Freeza

In Dragon Ball Z we met the emperor of universe 7 for the first time. We saw the four transformations of him on the planet Namek, including the famous final form of him with which he finished Vegeta without disheveled. Of course, not even using 100% of his power he could with the invincible Goku Super Saiyan, so feared by Freeza. His mecha form also did not have a good fate on earth, being cut to pieces by Trunks from the future.

In Kurogami we have a great variety of Dragon Ball Z figures of Freeza, including several of the mythical transformations of him. As always, we have original figures of the highest quality, as well as other characters from the Akira Toriyama series.

Figures Dragon Ball Super Freeza

Dragon Ball Super would bring the return of the emperor, who would not have said the last word about him. After being resurrected by his old army and having undergone special training for 4 months, his power could be compared to that of the gods, coming very close to that of the Z Warriors. Freeza returned to earth with his final evolution Golden, ready to take revenge. once and for all.

Relive that and other iconic moments with your Golden Freeza figure. In addition, you can find in our catalog a wide selection of Dragon Ball Super figures, which will transport you directly to this saga again.

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If you have any questions, our team will help you with everything you need. We will help you find products that are not easily located, including figures that have not yet reached Europe. We are always aware of the news that may arise. Visit us at our physical store in Alicante or contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email. Be that as it may, at Kurogami we will be delighted to assist you.

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