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If you are here, surely you remember Broly's first appearance with as much emotion as we do. The idea of a Super Saiyan much stronger than Goku, with a totally new transformation and an insane obsession with our hero still makes our hair stand on end. For this reason, at Kurogami we want to pay tribute to this Super Warrior with our collection of Dragon Ball Broly figures.

In our store, we have stock of all kinds of Broly figures going through all his most epic moments from the Dragon Ball movies. Discover all our Legendary Super Saiyan figures, made with quality materials and made by leading manufacturers in the market, such as Bandai or Banpresto.

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Broly Dragon Ball Figures

Who does not remember the first appearance of the Legendary Super Saiyan in the OVA? In appearance, just one more warrior. Even so, in the movie we can soon see how this character hid a lot behind his common appearance. Once he breaks the mind control device his father made him wear, he becomes one of the most powerful enemies in the entire Z saga, in the words of Akira Toriyama himself.

And it is that Broly was, in reality, the Legendary Super Saiyan, a demonic warrior that appeared once every thousand years among the race of the planet Vegeta. Obsessed with Goku since childhood, this character would become one of the protagonist's most fearsome adversaries. And now you can recall the incredible scenes of him on screen with your Dragon Ball Broly figure.

At Kurogami we have Broly figures of all sizes, from 16 to 30 cm. In fact, we have limited runs that you can reserve even before they reach the rest of Europe. All our action figures are made of the best materials, such as PVC and ABS; and you can find both static and articulated versions.

Your Broly figure as you remembered in the movies

What scene from the OVAs do you want to recall? Perhaps this is the moment when Broly finally removes his mind control device and completely loses control, leading to one of the most epic battles in the series. Or perhaps you have known him better in games like the now legendary DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where we can get into the shoes of different incarnations of him.

In any case, in Kurogami you can get your Broly figure in any of the most memorable forms of him. And it is that our collection of Dragon Ball Broly figures is one of the most complete on the net: we have prepared it with all the care in commemoration of this (literally) great character.

Broly Dragon Ball Z figure

Many of us will never forget the first time Broly adopted his Legendary Super Saiyan appearance. Our Dragon Ball Z figures will allow you to recall your favorite parts of the OVA in great detail.

Do you remember the famous golden bracelets of the Super Warrior or the impossible spikes of his hair? All these details are included in the Broly Dragon Ball Z figures, which you can reserve now through our online store.

Broly Dragon Ball Super Figures

But Broly not only appears in the well-known Z saga. Years later, we could also see him in the Dragon Ball Super reboot, this time in an alternative form, much more moderate but just as interesting.

If, like us, you loved seeing this new face of the character, you will be amazed by the Dragon Ball Super Broly figures available in our store. You can find him both in his legendary form and before his fearsome transformation, with great detail and with the best materials.

Quality manufacturers in your Broly figure

At Kurogami we only work with the best manufacturers of collector figures. In the case of Broly figures, we mainly collaborate with two brands: Bandai and Banpresto.

Bandai has been offering Dragon Ball products for many years. Some of the best games related to the adventures of Goku came out of their studies, and their experience also shows in the pieces they make.

Banpresto is one of the best Dragon Ball and Broly figure creators out there right now. The details of his creations are really impressive, and they only work with safe and resistant materials that guarantee a perfect state in your purchases for a long time.

We work mainly with two types of Broly figures:

 Figuarts. These are statuettes of more than 26 centimeters in height, which offer great detail and are more designed for collecting. They can be both articulated and static.

 Figure Rise. These figures are more thought as toys, so both their size and their price are lower. If you want to give the little ones a gift, they can be an excellent option.

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