How to place an order for a pre-ordered product?

How to place an order for a pre-ordered product?

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Although we would like to own all the world's freaky products in our warehouse, we don't have a Doraemon pocket to have them in the act. That's why many of our products are stock. Unlike the products in stock, this type of products take a while to reach the Kurogami warehouse, so we give you the option to buy them in advance, so you do not stay without that figure or accessory that you want to have so much.

To place an order for a product in stock, you must follow the same procedure as a product in stock, however, there are some extra options that are going to be very important to make your order correctly:

Quantity: Number of products in the cart

Price: Current price of your order 

Shipping costs: Depending on the shipping method selected

Handling charges: Depending on the form of payment selected

Fees: Possibly the most important part of this section. As it is a reservation, Kurogami gives you the facility to pay your order in instalments, this way while you wait for your super order to arrive you can distribute the payment in a more convenient way. 
Automatically the program will mark us to make 3 payments in instalments, however, the only mandatory payment we should make would be the first (which corresponds to 1 / 3 of the total amount of the order) the other two payments could be made past the due dates provided you choose to use the payment method (paypal or card), while, if you decide to use the form of payment "transfer", we can modify the fees to our liking, provided we pay the first signal.

IMPORTANT - If we want to opt for payment by installments, by card or paypal we must activate the box "I want to pay with installments" to enable this option, otherwise we will have to pay the entire order.

The discounts section: Where we can redeem the points if we had them, enter a promotional code or select the amount of money we would withdraw from our virtual wallet if we had purchased a virtual card.

Method of sending and payment: You will be able to visualize the different methods of payment and sending depending on the place where you live. Except if you live on another planet, because at the moment we do not have interplanetary shipments.

Comments: In this section you will be able to comment any doubt or annotation that you want our team to take into account.

Confirmations: If you wish to receive an invoice for your order. 

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