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Norma Editorial: MASHLE #01 (spanish)

In a world where the level of magic you control determines your status in society, young Mash Burnedead does not stop training every day, but not his magic, since it is not at all. That if, to a pulse nobody beats him.

Norma surprises us with a new manga that will make fans of magic stories enjoy. Does he look like that to me or does he look a lot like a certain very famous wizard?
Norma Editorial: MASHLE #01 (spanish)

Planeta Cómic: Insect Cage #01 (spanish)

The Cagaster disease turns human beings into giant insects, this is where the exterminator Kidow comes in, who one fine day finds a man badly injured by an insect, but it is too late for him and asks Kidow to take care of her daughter Illie and take her to her mother Tania.

New shonen and action manga published by Planeta Comic.
Planeta Cómic: Insect Cage #01 (spanish)

Panini Manga: Maximum Satan 666 #01 (spanish)

Askard, a world in which people dispute vestiges of an ancient civilization, objects called O-Parts. Rumors spread about a monster feared by the most powerful. Everyone who has come across him has seen 666, the number of the beast, etched on his forehead. This is the story of Jio Freed, a boy who dreams of conquering the world and his search for the O-Parts that will make him the strongest.

The fantastic story of Jio Freed begins with this issue # 01 of Maximum Satan 666 that Panini Manga brings us.

Panini Manga: Maximum Satan 666 #01 (spanish)

Ivrea: Hanako-kun: El Fantasma del Lavabo #03 (spanish)

Hanako kun is waiting for you at the sink!

Discover the seven mysteries of the Kamome Academy with Hanako, Nene and Kou.

A fast-paced and dark manga written and drawn by mangaka Iro Aida that will make you hooked from start to finish.

Ivrea: Hanako-kun: El Fantasma del Lavabo #03 (spanish)

ECC Ediciones: Dorohedoro #19 (spanish)

Caiman woke up one day with a head that was not his own, in a place where everything was more difficult and violent than it should have been!

Those wizards won't get away with it!

Crazy, delusional, action packed and a lot of fun. This manga by Q Hayashida will make reading it a most psychedelic journey.
ECC Ediciones: Dorohedoro #19 (spanish)

Milky Way Ediciones: Insomniacs After School #01 (spanish)

New hand-held manga series from Milky Way publisher!

Insomnia is something that drives more than one crazy, and in this story we will see how Ganta and Isaki form an alliance to get the sleep they deserve.

Makoto Ojiro makes us fall in love with a most entertaining and emotional story and a drawing that you will love.
 Milky Way Ediciones: Insomniacs After School #01 (spanish)

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