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Kurogami begins with a young man, who from an early age was able to enjoy Manga culture. So much, that it ended up becoming his way of life and part of the engine that drives him every day. That young man is me, Dani, and if I have to say that I have fulfilled a dream, I would not be wrong.

Let me tell you the story of Kurogami, our story:

Sundays in front of the television were an appointment that my restless mind could not refuse. From living the battle against the Golden Knights in the Sanctuary to traveling without brakes on the Kinton cloud anime became something indispensable in my life , something that awakened the cosmos within me. I was a otaku, something that today I am still very proud to be 

But those Sundays were not everything, videogames also crossed my life. I grew up between computers and consoles like Master System II, Super NES or Playstation I ran adventures like lightning with Sonic and Tails , rescued princesses with the brave Link and the intrepid Mario, and later I enjoyed 3D worlds full of dreams, magic and madness with the arrival of heroes like Cloud and Sephirot Crash or Spyro .

The culmination came with the arrival of the anime on VHS at the video store near home. How I enjoyed that time! From looking for the Statue of Humanity with Yakumo and Pai in 3x3 Eyes, to feeling like one more in Love Hina's Hinata pension , I traveled a path where I discovered great jewels such as Akira, Berserk , RG Veda or the bloody Devilman .


But how did I get started in the world of collecting? He- Man , Ninja Turtles, Knights of the Zodiac, and many more series that had the toys I grew up, and gradually sow in my hobby of collecting. 


But I was missing something ... Or rather someone?


The Internet is here, that tool that made us believe that everything that happened in Ghost in the Shell or Lain was going to come true ... What could have been a most SCI-FI experience turned into something totally different, being able to meet Jessi, an incredible young woman, with a normal life, and who was not aware of the 180º turn that she was going to make when she met me . 


In 2006, we embarked together on the arduous task of opening a small manga store, our first chapter, which after a while would give way to the next chapter in our history. We started as exhibitors at events throughout Spain and part of Europe . 

From small events such as the beginnings of Albanime , which we have seen grow, to impressive events such as El Salón del Manga in Barcelona, ​​or the gigantic and wonderful Japan Expo in Paris

After hundreds of boxes loaded with our own hands, a lot of sweat and tears, it was more than clear that we wanted to move on. We wanted to reach more people to spread the passion we have for what we do, and what we were dedicating our lives to.  

Many ideas and strength came from our first trip to Japan, where Jessi and I were able to visit the most otaku neighborhood in the world, Akihabara We vibrate with experience. And we dream. So, with a dream in mind and accumulated experience, in addition to a little help, our online store was born. We were already within reach of 1 click. And thanks to many clicks, our team grew. We made a team of people as geeks as Jessi and I, as passionate about collecting as you. The Kurogami Team was born.     

We grew up as professionals and as collectors. Geeks from all over Spain and from other countries began to know the name of Kurogami. And thanks to our commitment to original figures and the rejection of counterfeits, manufacturers such as Kotobukiya, First 4 Figures or Good Smile Company have recognized us as a Partner Shop . 

With all this, the same words were repeated in our heads: “ Motto Motto ”. More , that was the answer. We wanted to expand the experience that is Kurogami, but at the same time return to our origins. 


The year the Sakura flowers bloomed for us, our physical store was born in the city of Alicante. A store that transports you to the streets of Akihabara. A unique space in Spain for geeks like you.  

After an adventure of more than 13 years, it was clear to us: the time had come to evolve. 

Thanks to the Ki accumulated over a thousand battles, we take the leap with KUROGAMI JUMP. An exclusive members club that will allow you to collect as usual , but jumping into an experience full of advantages. 


Are you ready for the next level?

Trusted Mechanical Japan Store Since 2010
Trusted Mechanical Japan Store Since 2010
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Partnershop de Kotobukiya
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Good Smile Company Partnershop
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