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Discover the epic story of, where the passion for manga and anime merges with the magic of an adventure worthy of our favorite series!

The story of is that of a company that emerged from the burning flame of love for manga and anime culture. Those days of marathons in front of the TV watching epic fights in the style of Dragon Ball, the fun adventures of Ranma, and the magic of Sailor Moon became the starting point for a journey that would change the lives of thousands of fans.

Thus, as if it had sprung from the pages of your favorite manga, began its journey into collecting, drawing inspiration from figures like He-Man, Ninja Turtles, and the Knights of the Zodiac. The spark of adventure and the encounter with other otaku enthusiasts fueled an unparalleled journey.

Over time, began to travel across Spain and Europe, attending legendary events such as the Manga Salon of Barcelona and the dazzling Japan Expo in Paris. Each loaded box, each drop of sweat, and each tear shed were testimonies of the fervor that drove this company to grow and share the magic of the otaku world.

Visiting the Akihabara district in Japan was like a mystical spell that enhanced the passion of Inspired by this experience and with the help of extraordinary allies, the online store was born, making collectibles and fandom accessible with just a click to fans worldwide.

The Kurogami Team grew and strengthened as a group of warriors united by their love for collecting. Soon, was recognized by manufacturers like Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company, who named us an official Partner Shop.

In 2017, the first physical Kurogami store opened in Alicante, focusing on manga, anime, video games, Marvel, and much more, located at C/ Serrano 11. This unique space in Spain is like a portal to the streets of Akihabara, where fans can immerse themselves in a world full of figures and merchandise.

Not knowing how to sit still, in 2021, Kurogami Fantasy arrived, also at C/ Serrano 11, Alicante, a store specializing in Disney, Harry Potter, and Naruto, perfectly complementing the first store's offerings. Both spaces create a magical and exciting universe for our customers, who can find everything they want just a few meters apart.

After an adventure of more than 17 years, continues to grow and evolve, sharing the passion for iconic series like My Hero Academia and Naruto, always maintaining the adventurous spirit that characterizes all kurolovers. and its stores in Alicante are a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in a world where the passion for collecting and otaku culture merge into a unique and unforgettable experience. Here, every kurolover can find that little bit of magic that awakens their inner cosmos and makes them feel part of their favorite series and characters.

In addition, the Kurogami team works tirelessly to take the otaku experience to new horizons, always seeking new ways to connect and share the passion that unites them all: love for manga, anime, and geek culture in general.

Join the exciting journey of and become a kurolover! Visit our stores in Alicante, where a world of magic and adventures in pure otaku style awaits you. Get carried away by the passion and energy of this universe, and experience the unique feeling of being part of the great family that is the Kurogami Team.

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