A-17 Red Ribbon Cap Dragon Ball Z

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A-17 Red Ribbon Cap Dragon Ball Z

The Red Ribbon army is counted among Goku's first enemies. This evil army led by Commander Red was intent on gathering the seven dragon balls. Classic characters like Tao Pai Pai or Doctor Gero fought on the side of the Red Ribbon army... although they were all defeated by Goku and his friends. Some time later, Doctor Gero created the androids A-16, A-17 and A-18 to take revenge! Now you can remember that great time of Dragon Ball Z thanks to this new cap model offered by Generation Manga!

This fantastic cap inspired by A-17 is made of 100% cotton and measures approximately 25 centimeters. It's dark blue and shows the well-known symbol of the Red Ribbon army on the front, formed by a red lace with a letter R on each side. What makes this cap model special is the two metal rings that it carries on the right end of the visor and that give it a unique touch. It's an official license of Dragon Ball Z and has been manufactured by Generation Manga.

What are you waiting for to get the fantastic A-17 Red Ribbon Cap Dragon Ball Z offered by Generation Manga?

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