Arale-chan Big Plush Unchi-Kun #2 Dr. Slump

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Arale-chan Big Plush Unchi-Kun #2 Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump's poops retunr in plush form! The poops are among the funniest characters of the veteran series created by Akira Toriyama. In fact, there are several poop-shaped characters in Dr. Slump (known as Unchi-Kun in Japanese). Toriyama began to draw this series before Dragon Ball, when he was still only a stranger to he readers. It was the success of Arale's adventures that led him to fame and what allowed him to start other works like Dragon Ball. Did you know that Goku and Arale have come to cross on several occasions? It's curious that both characters live in the same universe. While the Saiyans are dedicated to fighting against the most terrible enemies in the universe, Arale goes to Penguin Village talking to the poops. That's why Dr. Slump is so special and that's why Banpresto offers us its line of plush toys inspired by the adorable poops of the series! The simple idea of ​​having a plush toy in the form of a poop is already fun, but they also have funny faces!

This fantastic plush measures approximately 40 centimeters and is made of high quality synthetic materials. It has the form of Unchi-Kun and it shows the rolled-up form so characteristic of the poops drawn by Toriyama in Dr. Slump. It's orange and on the front shows a surprised face. Unchi-Kun has an open mouth and colored cheeks. A drop of sweat runs down his face from the side. What will have happened to have been put like that? This plush is a 100% official and licensed product from Dr. Slump and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Take Unchi-Kun home! What are you waiting for to get hold of the Arale-chan Big Plush Unchi-Kun #2 Dr. Slump that Banpresto offers us?

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