Berserk Golden Age Arc III - The Advent Collector's Edition Bluray

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Berserk Golden Age Arc III - The Advent Collector's Edition Bluray

We are facing the third and final installment of this adaptation of Berserk, the work of mangaka Kentaro Miura that Selecta Vision collects in this collector's edition. It's been a year since Guts decided to confront Griffith and abandon the hawks. The band has suffered a heavy blow and are now considered enemies of the kingdom. Griffith is incarcerated and is being tortured on charges of high treason. The Hawks' Band is preparing a plan to rescue their leader and they need the help of their former captain, Guts. Will he come to the aid of what he once considered his friend? What nobody knows is that Griffith's fate is about to take a radical turn. The Eclipse is coming...

General characteristics:

Format: Feature film

System: Blu-ray Disc

Original version: Japanese

Original title: Berserk III. The Advent.

Director: Toshiyuki Kubooka

Author: Kentarou Miura and Studio Gaga

Country of production: Japan


Subtitles: Spanish

Type of product: Japanese animation

Genre: Action

Rating: Not recommended for children under 13

Content of the collector's edition:

- Movie in BR

- Movie in DVD

- extras DVD

- 32 page book about the movie

Delivery times

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