Bluray Collectors Edition A Silent Voice

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Bluray Collectors Edition A Silent Voice

Shoya Ishida is a problematic primary student whose main mission in life is to find the least appropriate ways to combat boredom. That is why when Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf girl, is transferred to her class she immediately becomes the target of her teasing. His harassment reaches such a point that the rest of the class ends up giving him back for his lack of compassion. Six years later, turned into a lonely high school student and tormented by what he did in the past, Shoya looks for ways to communicate with Shoko to apologize. In this way, his particular path to redemption begins, but is it possible that it is already too late? The collector's edition of the new film destined to become a classic is coming!

General characteristics:

Format: Feature film

System: Blu-ray Disc

Original version: Japanese

Original title: Koe no Katachi (The shape of the voice)

Director: Naoko Yamada

Author: Yoshitoki Ōima

Year of production: 2016

Country of production: Japan

Copyright: © Yoshitoki Oima, KODANSHA / A SILENT VOICE The Movie Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

Audio (language): Japanese, Spanish

Subtitles: Spanish

Audio: Audio SPANISH 5.1 DTS HD Audio JAPANESE 5.1 DTS HD

Genre: Drama, Romance

Type of product: Japanese animation

Duration: 129 min

Qualification: Over 13 years old

Extra content:

Interview with Futoshi Nishiya (Director of Animation and Character Designs)

Interview with Mutsuo Shinohara (Art Direction)

Interview with Kensuke Ushio (Music)

Interview with Naoko Yamada (Direction)

Musical Clips

Promotional videos

Real locations

Inner Silence

64-page book about the movie.

Exclusive postcard

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