Box 1 Dragon Ball Episodes 1-68 DVD

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Box 1 Dragon Ball Episodes 1-68 DVD
Product Name: Box 1 Dragon Ball Episodes 1-68 DVD
Format: DVD
Product Type: Box
License: Dragon Ball 
Genre: Shonen
Number of discs: 16
Number of episodes: 68
Distributor: Selecta Vision
Audio: Spanish, Japanese, Catalan, Galician and Basque
Subtitles: Spanish

Now available on DVD the first adventures of Goku in his quest for dragon balls!

Spectacular DVD collection of the Dragon Ball anime. With a total of 68 episodes on 16 albums, box 1 contains 4 complete sagas. The saga of Goku and Bulma, the saga of Mutenroshi's training, the saga of the 21st Martial Arts Tournament and the saga of the Red Ribbon Army.

Let nostalgia invade you with the Dragon Ball Box 1 on DVD!

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