Box 3 InuYasha DVD

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Box 3 InuYasha DVD

A demon cat almost identical to Kirara unjustly expelled from a village, an impostor who poses as Miroku to swindle the needy, a warrior revived from the dead who commands an army of mud soldiers... All these are just preambles to the exciting adventure that awaits Inuyasha and his friends when they come across a demon who possesses a false copy of the Sphere of the Four Spirits. The young scholar Izumo reveals to them that it is the work of the demon Orochidayu in his attempt to create an exact duplicate. After being kidnapped by Gyuoh, Kagome discovers that her captor is a half demon who plans to use her soul as a base for the new Holy Sphere. But what is the relationship between Gyuoh and Izumo?

General characteristics:

Format: Series

System: DVD

Original version: Japanese

Original title: INUYASHA

Director: Masuo Ueda, Michihiko Suwa

Author: Rumiko Takahashi (Shogakkan "Shuukan Shonen Sunday")

Country of production: Japan

Copyright: © Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakukan · Yomiuri TV · Sunrise 2000

Audio (language): Japanese, Spanish, Catalan

Subtitles: Spanish

Audio: Spanish 2.0 DD Catalan 2.0 DD Japanese 2.0 DD

Genre: Adventures

Type of product: Japanese animation

Genre: Anime

Number of episodes: 33

Rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years

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