Como Edition El Verano De Coo Bluray

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Como Edition El Verano De Coo Bluray
Many years ago, humans got all creatures and magical beings to end extinct. But there was a creature that could be saved. Koichi is a young man from the suburbs of the city of Tokyo. On one of his walks he encounters a kind of peculiar stone that ends up being the shell of a baby Kappa, this mythological creature that lives in the water has been buried for 300 long years. Koichi decides to name it Coo. Koichi and Coo will become best friends and begin to live together as if they were family. But it is hard for Coo to adapt to the way of life of the big city and a feeling of nostalgia for his lost family ends up invading him. Koichi finally decides to go on an adventure with Coo to find his lost parents.

The summer of Coo (Kappa no Ku or Natsuyasumi) is a beautiful Japanese animated film directed by Keiichi Hara and released to the Japanese market in 2007. Selecta Visión edited it in Spain in its combo edition that includes Blu-Ray and DVD. You can not miss the emotional adventure of Koichi and Coo.

  Blu-ray Disc & DVD Disc

 Region B

 Spanish 5.1 / Spanish DTS / Japanese 5.1 / Japanese DTS



 Original Trailer

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