Crash Bandicoot Heat Change Mug

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Crash Bandicoot Heat Change Mug

We already have a new heat change mug model available from one of our favorite PlayStation characters! It's the new Crash Bandicoot heat change mug! Launched in 1996, the first game of Crash Bandicoot came at a time when PlayStation was redefining the world of video games. The story was set in the Wumpa Islands, a fictitious archipelago located in southern Australia, and featured the charismatic Crash, a bandicoot (an Australian mammal with a long snout) who was always willing to thwart the plans of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. Thanks to his jumps and his tornado spin attacks, Crash was prepared to face the henchmen of the villain to restore peace and tranquility to his islands. This great character is back in fashion thanks to the new edition of his classic games, entitled Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. This heat change mug is the perfect gift for nostalgic fans of his grames games or for new players who have just discovered his adventures!

This fantastic heat change mug is made of ceramic and measures 10 centimeters high by 11 centimeters wide, approximately. Its capacity is 300 milliliters. In its normal state, the mug shows the official logo of Crash Bandicoot on a brick wall in which a black window opens. Once a hot liquid is deposited inside it and the temperature of the mug changes, then the black background fades to show an image of our furry protagonist. This product can't be used in the microwave nor can be washed in the dishwasher. It's recommended to wash it by hand to avoid deterioration of the materials that allow the change with temperature. It's an official and licensed product of Crash Bandicoot and it has been manufactured by Paladone.

What are you waiting for to get the great Crash Bandicoot heat change mug that Paladone brings us?

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