Danmachi ¿Qué tiene de malo intentar ligar en una mazmorra? #06 Manga Oficial Norma Editorial (spanish)

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Danmachi ¿Qué tiene de malo intentar ligar en una mazmorra? #06 Manga Oficial Norma Editorial (spanish)

Norma Editorial publishes Danmachi What's wrong with trying to link in a dungeon? # By screenwriter Fujino Omori, cartoonist Kunieda and character designer Suzuhito Yasuda.

This series is an adaptation to manga of the light novels of this series and of these same authors. There is also the anime version composed of 13 episodes and an OVA of 2015.

The protagonist is called Bell, is an ordinary and beginner explorer. Like any other, he wants to earn a lot of money and meet women in the Dungeon. There he meets Hestia, a goddess with whom he establishes a family. Once this is done, you can only get rich by venturing into the Dungeon in search of treasures.

There he will run into Aiz Wallenstein, a blond girl with yellow eyes, also known as the Princess of the Sword. The latter saves him from a minotaur and Bell feels the need to become much stronger, as much as Aiz or more.

You can not stop reading these 176 black and white pages of adventures and love.

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