Deadpool Chibi Plunger Wallet Marvel Comics

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Deadpool Chibi Plunger Wallet Marvel Comics

Discover the most adorable face of Deadpool with this fun purse wallet model that Bioworld offers us! Thanks to his two successful films, the character of Deadpool lives a golden age. The popular actor Ryan Reynolds has given life to a character that for his strange mixture between violence and comedy seemed difficult to adapt to the big screen. Luckily, the films have captured well the essence of this charismatic character, who has been appearing regularly in Marvel Comics since the nineties. Much more focused on humor than ever, his tendency to break the fourth wall and to wink at readers has become his most recognized hallmark. In his stories, Deadpool travels the world accompanied by the most unlikely allies, always sowing chaos and causing laughter everywhere. But this wallet doesn't introduce you to any version of Deadpool, but to an adorable Chibi version!

This purse wallet is made of completely synthetic materials. It measures 20 centimeters long by 10.5 centimeters high by 2.5 centimeters thick. It's white and on the front we find an original drawing of Deadpool Chibi style. The most famous mercenary from Marvel Comics has changed the bullets of his pistols by rubber plungers. It's a little less lethal but much more adorable! Deadpool appears jumping while shooting this peculiar ammunition. The wallet closes with a zipper and has a large interior space in which to deposit both money and cards. This wallet is an official and licensed product of Marvel Comics and it has been manufactured by Bioworld.

With this great purse wallet you can enjoy the most unexpected version of the Merc With a Mouth of Marvel Comics! Get now the Deadpool Chibi Plunger Wallet Marvel Comics that Bioworld offers us!

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