Dragon Quest Emblem of Roto #06 Manga Oficial Planeta Comic (spanish)

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Dragon Quest Emblem of Roto #06 Manga Oficial Planeta Comic (spanish)

Planeta publishes Dragon Quest: Emblem of Roto by Kamui Fujiwara.

Many years have passed since Loran and Karmen, the heirs of the legendary hero Roto, triumphed over the forces of evil. Carrying a fragment of the mythical emblem of his grandfather, the two brothers have founded their own kingdom: that of Loran in the north and that of Karmen in the south. But after a hundred years of peace and prosperity, the world is threatened again ... The evil armies are besieging the last human strongholds, which fall one after the other.

Possessed by a demon, the king of Karmen takes his kingdom to ruin. The only survivors of this tragedy are Prince Arus, heir to the hero Roto, and Lunafrea, daughter of the general in chief of Karmen's armies. For ten years, the young woman raised little Arus in the greatest secrecy, safe from her enemies.

But, crazed by a troop of monsters, our two heroes and their companions decide to take the road to counteract the increase of darkness. Especially as in the twin kingdom of Loran, the heir to the throne was born in turn. Christened Jagan, he has allied with the forces of evil and sworn the loss of humans ...

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