DVD Gurren Lagann Pelicula I - El Fin De La Infancia

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DVD Gurren Lagann Pelicula I - El Fin De La Infancia

The first film of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann arrives from the creators of Evangelion! Simon lives in an underground village where he digs tunnels to expand the small underground world in which humanity is imprisoned. One day, he finds a small drill that activates a strange robot and everything changes completely. Dragged to the surface by his "brother", the impulsive Kamina, and accompanied by the beautiful sniper Yoko, our protagonist decides to confront the beastmen who control the world. Many others will join the fight inspired by the courage of the newly created Gurren Brigade. In the end Simon's drill will pierce the heavens!

General characteristics:

Format: Feature film

System: DVD

Original version: Japanese

Original title: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Director: Hiruyuki Imaishi

Author: Kabao Kikkawa


Country of production: Japan

Audio (language): Japanese, Spanish

Subtitles: Japanese, Spanish

Type of product: Japanese animation

Genre: Science fiction

Number of discs: 1

Duration: 112 min

Rating: Not recommended for children under 13

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