DVD Saint Seiya: La Diosa Malvada Eris

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DVD Saint Seiya: La Diosa Malvada Eris

Guided by the fatal Repulse comet, the golden apple in which the soul of Eris, the goddess of discord, is sealed, reaches Earth. Once there, Eris attracts Erii, a friend of Hyoga who works in the orphanage, to a solitary forest where she takes possession of her body to return to life. But the plan of the goddess of discord goes even further when she kidnaps Athena for the purpose of absorbing her vital energy with the golden apple to complete her resurrection and plunge the world into chaos. With the fate of the Earth and the life of Athena at stake, the Bronze Knights headed by Seiya set out for a temple that has appeared in the mountains to face the five powerful Ghost Knights that accompany Eris.

Format: DVD

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1: Spanish, Japanese. Dolby Digital 2.0: Spanish

Nationality: JAPAN

 Number of discs: 1

Duration duration: 45 min

 Spanish subtitles

 Director: Kozó Morishita

Recommended age: 13

Original title: Saint Seiya: The Evil Goddess Eris

Extras: New Master remastered. For the first time in Spain with an original version with subtitles. Integral edition as it was seen in Japan. Original classic dubbing. New dubbing with cinema casting 5.1. Songs adapted to Spanish. Reversible cartridges. Data sheet. Artistic sheet Production notes Other titles.

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