Eevee Wallet Pokémon

  • License: Pokemon
  • Made by: Difuzed
  • Approximate size: 12 cms
  • SKU: MERCH05790
21,90 €
Eevee Wallet Pokémon
Eevee Wallet Pokémon
Eevee Wallet Pokémon

The manufacturer Difuzed has prepared a new wallet model dedicated to our favorite Pokémon! It's a wallet model dedicated to the adorable Eevee! This fox-shaped Pokémon has a characteristic that makes it unique. All the Pokémon in the saga are able to evolve and adopt new forms. However, Eevee can evolve in many more ways than any other Pokémon. This amazing Pokémon of normal type was presented in the games of the first generation of the saga, which were originally published for Game Boy. As we know the fans of the franchise, Eevee has eight different evolutionary options depending on a number of conditions, such as the type of stone to which it is exposed or the levels that rise during the day and night. While Eevee is of the normal type, its evolutions belong to different types: Vaporeon (water type), Jolteon (electric type), Flareon (fire type), Espeon (psychic type), Umbreon (sinister type), Leafeon (plant type) , Glaceon (ice type) and Sylveon (fairy type). It is an extraordinary Pokémon that is extraordinary and full of possibilities!

This wonderful folding wallet measures 12 centimeters long and is made of synthetic materials. It folds in two parts, leaving several spaces inside to deposit both money and cards. It includes an inside purse to deposit coins in which the official logo of the Pokémon franchise appears. Its outer part is light brown and has several images of Eevee: in some it appears sitting on its hind legs, in others jumping, in others preparing itself for a Pokémon battle... But in all it is just as adorable! This product is an official license of Pokémon and has been manufactured by Difuzed.

Enjoy your favorite Pokémon thanks to this great wallet model! Get now the fantastic Eevee Wallet Pokémon that Difuzed offers us!

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