Goku Ultra Instinct Figure Dragon Ball Super Blood of Saiyans Special II

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Goku Ultra Instinct Figure Dragon Ball Super Blood of Saiyans Special II

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The impressive Blood of Saiyans line of figures from Banpresto presents us another key moment in the history of this race of space warriors! It's the moment in which Goku dominates the power of Ultra Instinct and reaches his definitive transformation for the first time! The main characteristic of the Saiyans of the Planet Vegeta is that their strength increases after each combat. After each battle they always get stronger and stronger, seemingly without limit. Our protagonist is the best example of this characteristic of his species. Over the years, Goku has waged countless battles, increasing his power little by little thanks to them. The appearance of new enemies was no more than an excuse to continue progressing and further increase his own power! Alien tyrants, androids from the future, magical monsters... after all these confrontations Goku has become one of the most powerful beings in the universe. And during Dragon Ball Super he had the opportunity to measure his strength against the best fighters of other galaxies! All this has made his strength grow to levels that match the gods!

This figure is made of PVC and measures 16 centimeters high, approximately. In it we can see Goku reaching his definitive transformation: the Ultra Instinct. Our hero appears only with the inner shirt of his martial arts uniform, since the outer part has been destroyed because of the energy of the aura that surrounds him when reaching this level of power. His hair retains its traditional form, but is about to acquire the characteristic silver color that defines the Ultra Instinct. Goku appears in guard position, with one hand protecting his face. His eyes shows a defiant look. It's the beginning of a new combat! This figure is an official license of Dragon Ball Super and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Experience the birth of Ultra Instinct thanks to this spectacular Goku Ultra Instinct Figure Dragon Ball Super Blood of Saiyans Special II that Banpresto offers us!

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