Harukaze Doremi Figure Ojamajo Doremi Q Posket

  • License: M-S
  • Made by: Banpresto
  • Approximate size: 14 cms
  • SKU: FIG09827
29,90 € 23,50 €
Harukaze Doremi Figure Ojamajo Doremi Q Posket

Approximate departure date: AUGUST 2019

End date of Pre-Order: Until end of stock.

The Q Posket line from Banpresto welcomes the most adorable witch apprentice! Here we have the beautiful Q Posket figure of Harukaze Doremi, the protagonist of Ojamajo Doremi! This is the main character of this classic series of the magical girls genre. Doremi is a very clumsy girl, but she's also very compassionate. She lives in the city of Misora ​​and she studies at a primary school. She's always complaining about being the most unfortunate girl in the world, although in reality she has the tremendous luck of being chosen to become a witch's apprentice. As an apprentice, she has the help of a fairy named Dodo. Along with her companions, Hazuki Fujiwara, Onpu Segawa and Aiko Senoo, she fights against evil and prepares to become an authentic witch. Doremi is the pink apprentice witch and she's considered the informal leader of the group. Her childish and impulsive personality is somewhat problematic, but her main quality is her great heart. It's the great secret of her power!

This fabulous Q Posket figure is made of high quality PVC and measures 14 centimeters high, approximately. Our protagonist appears in her pink apprentice costume and with her hair pulled back in her two characteristic bows, over which she's wearing her pointed witch's hat. They emphasizes the skirt of her apprentice clothes and the pose of the figure, that rises of adorable form one of her pointy boots. This figure is an official and licensed product of Ojamajo Doremi and has been manufactured by Banpresto within its Q Posket line.

Here you have the magic touch that your collection of figures needed! Get now the great Harukaze Doremi Figure Ojamajo Doremi Q Posket that Banpresto offers us and become the new witch apprentice!

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