Headset holder keychain Ram Re:Zero

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Headset holder keychain Ram Re:Zero

Here comes Ram, Rem's twin sister! The contrast between these two characters is one of the most curious aspects of Re:Zero. While Rem starts being a shy, introverted and quiet girl, Ram is much more confident and sure of herself. Ram also has a mocking facet, as she enjoys raging the protagonist of the series, Subaru Natsuki. On more than one occasion, Ram has subtly manipulated events to make poor Subaru look bad. In spite of everything, the happy Ram is a character with a tragic background. This girl from the Oni clan was attacked by the wicked Cult of the Witch as a child and lost her horn, the characteristic that allows the Oni to control their demonic form. This made her twin Rem feel tremendously guilty, although it did not prevent Ram from being a potent user of wind magic. To always keep this great character in mind, Banpresto presents us its new collection of headset holder kaychaind based upon the Re:Zero characters.

This Ram headset holder keychain is made of rubber and measures about 8.5 centimeters long. It includes a chain with which to carry it hanging and is designed to comfortably gather the cable of the headphones. The shape of the keychain is specially designed to be surrounded with the cable of the headphones, so that the character that represents, in this case Ram, is wrapped by him. Two clamping spaces ensure the cable once it is placed, so that it does not come loose. Ram appears in her maiden costume and her cap. She is lying on the floor with her eyes closed while she slumbers peacefully. You better not wake her up!

This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto within its Ichiban Kuji collection. We have another five different models of headset holder with the rest of the characters in the series: Petelgeuse, Beatrice, Emilia, Rem and Rem with open arms. Collect them all and complete the collection!

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