Headset holder keychain Rem Re:Zero

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Headset holder keychain Rem Re:Zero

The light novels, the anime and the manga of Re:Zero would not be so popular if not for their fantastic feminine personages. When our protagonist, the young Subaru Natsuki, arrives by chance to a magical world populated by monsters, spirits, magicians and witches, he meets a lot of great and beautiful girls. But none of them is prettier than the adorable servant Rem! This introverted and quiet girl takes a while to start opening up to Subaru, but when she does she discovers the strong feelings that the boy has awakened inside her. Although Subaru's heart seems to have been decided by another of the girls in the series, there is no doubt about the strong bond between him and Rem. Knowing how much we like this girl, it's not uncommon that we always pay special attention to all products related to her. On this occasion, Banpresto presents us with this great collection of headset holder keychains inspired by Re:Zero. Evidently, Rem could not miss it.

This Rem headset holder keychain is made of rubber and measures about 8.5 centimeters long. It includes a chain with which to carry it hanging and is designed to comfortably gather the cable of the headphones. The shape of the keychain is specially designed to be surrounded with the cable of the headphones, so that the character that represents, in this case Rem, is wrapped by it. Two clamping spaces are used to secure the cable once it is placed, so that it does not come loose. Rem appears in her usual maid costume, her cap and floral ornament in her hair. She appears on his side, while looking shyly over his shoulder. This pose so demure reminds us of the most withdrawn facet of the character, who before meeting Subaru was a lonely and quiet girl who practically didn't relate to others.

This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto within its Ichiban Kuji collection. We have another five different models of headset holder with the rest of the characters in the series: Petelgeuse, Beatrice, Emilia, Ram and Rem (in another different model). Collect them all and complete the collection!

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