Kaenbyou Rin Figure Touhou Project

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Kaenbyou Rin Figure Touhou Project

Directly from the Touhou Project cult videogame saga comes this incredible figure of Kaenbyou Rin, the flaming cat! It's a new Touhou Project license manufactured by Furyu! Kaenbyou Rin belongs to the Nekomata species. A cat that has lived enough years acquires the spiritual powers of a yokai and the ability to acquire human appearance, becoming a nekomata. Rin is the mascot of Satori Komeiji, the lady of the Palace of Earthly Spirits, a place located in the ruins of hell that has become her home with her animals. In charge of taking the bodies of the deceased to what was once the Hell of the Burning Flames to regulate the heat, Rin discovered that one of her companions had decided to use her powers to conquer the surface world and she embarked on a dangerous trip to stop her before it was too late.

This impressive figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 16 centimeters high. Kaenbyou Rin appears with her human appearance, although she retains some of his catlike features like her cat ears and her two tails. The character wears her fuchsia hair in two pigtails adorned with black ribbons, matching the color of her dress. Rin is wearing a long black one-piece dress with green ruffles on her skirt. Her heels are also adorned with big bows. The dynamic pose of the figure shows Rin with her arms on her back, holding two skulls surrounded by spiritual energy. The effect of the energy has been carefully detailed, giving the figure a spectacular finish. It's an official Touhou Project product and has been manufactured by Furyu.

Get now the great Kaenbyou Rin Figure Touhou Project offered by Furyu!

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