Katsuki Yuri Figure Yuri on Ice!! Q Posket

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Katsuki Yuri Figure Yuri on Ice!! Q Posket

Here come the Yuri on Ice characters in their Q Posket version! This is the Q Posket figure of our protagonist, Yuri Katsuki! Yuri on Ice anime has been one of the great revelations of recent years and has presented us a fantastic cast of characters. However, more than interested in his faithful representation of the competitions of a sport as peculiar as ice skating, we have fallen in love with the relationships between its characters. Especially the relationship between Yuri Katsuki and his coach, Victor Nikiforov! Yuri was a second-rate skater who was about to retire after having screwed up in his last competition until suddenly skating legend, Victor Nikiforov, decided to travel to Japan to become his new coach. This figure captures perfectly the transformation that Victor worked on Yuri!

This fantastic figure of the Q Posket collection is made of high quality PVC and has an approximate height of 14 centimeters. Banpresto has been inspired by Yuri's appearance during his figure skating competitions, so he wears his black exhibition suit. It's the same costume he uses while playing his choreography of "eros", the sensual love! Yuri appears without glasses and with her hair combed back. The figure emphasize his big brown eyes and the security that transmits his corporal language. Ice is the natural element of our protagonist! Of course, he's wearing his skates. Look at the large amount of details of his costume and his hair. It's a spectacular figure! It's also an official license of Yuri on Ice manufactured by Banpresto.

Don't miss the Katsuki Yuri Figure Yuri on Ice Q Posket made by Banpresto! Your collection of Yuri on Ice figures won't be complete without it!

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