Keychain Sakura Kimono Card Captor Sakura Clear Card

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Keychain Sakura Kimono Card Captor Sakura Clear Card

In the story of Card Captor Sakura, the Chinese tradition and the Japanese tradition go hand in hand. This is represented by two of the main characters, Sakura herself, who is of Japanese origin, and her friend Syaoran Li, who is of Chinese origin. The creators of the series took advantage of that circumstance and created a very particular aesthetic that combined the best of both traditions. Sakura is always beautiful when she wear a garment that shows both Japanese and Chinese features! Within our new collection of keychains from Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card, we have a great example.

This rubber keychain measures 6 centimeters and shows Sakura with a beautiful kimono of different colors. The cherry blossoms that name the character appear on the print of the kimono. Sakura carries her winged cane in her hands, as well as a flower-shaped ornament in her hair.

This collection of keychains features nine different models: Sakura in red ribbons dress, Sakura in uniform, Sakura Crystal Princess, Tomoyo Daidōyi, Syaoran Li, Syaoran Li in suit, Akiho Shinomoto, Yuna D. Kaito and Yue. Get all the models before they run out!

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