Master Roshi Wagon Model Kit Dragon Ball Mecha Collection Vol. 7

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Master Roshi Wagon Model Kit Dragon Ball Mecha Collection Vol. 7

Relive the spirit of the original Dragon Ball series thanks to this fantastic model kit that Bandai offers us within its Dragon Ball Mecha Collection line! Here we have the wagon of the master Muten Roshi! One of the most curious aspects of the first era of the classic manga created by Akira Toriyama were his peculiar mechanical designs. The technology of the Dragon Ball world always had a compact appearance, almost as if it were toy objects. The biggest examples of this trend were the Capsule Corp vehicles, which, as the name suggests, were stored miniaturized inside capsules. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball's origins, you will surely remember some of the vehicles used by Bulma and Goku during those years. Now you can even have one in your own home thanks to this great model kit!

This model kit is made of PVC. Assembly required, although no glue is necessary. Once assembled, master Muten Roshi's wagon measures approximately 19 centimeters long and 15 centimeters high. Assembly instructions are included (in Japanese and English), which have a series of diagrams that facilitate the process. The box also includes four figures that can be placed inside the wagon: master Muten Roshi himself, Yamcha, Krillin and Goku with the look they had in the original series of Dragon Ball. These figures are not painted, but show the base color of the material so that the user can paint them to their liking. Like all the model kits of the Dragon Ball Mecha Collection, a piece is included inside to assemble Bulma's Romantic Fighter Jet. This is the piece number 7. Collect the seven pieces that are in the model kits of the collection to complete it! This product is an official license of Dragon Ball and has been manufactured by Bandai.

Take home the great Master Roshi Wagon Model Kit Dragon Ball Mecha Collection Vol. 7 that Bandai offers us!

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