Nami C ll One Piece Figure

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Nami C ll One Piece Figure

The new figure of Nami that Banpresto offers us is now available! Here is the goddess of pirates! Nami is undoubtedly one of One Piece's most beloved characters. In a story populated by characters with amazing powers product of having consumed the Devil Fruits, Nami is only an ordinary girl. Although she has some combat training, her best skills have to do with navigation and climatology. After all, she's the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, she managed to turn her disadvantage into her biggest resource thanks to the Clima-Tact, a weapon designed by his partner Usopp that allows her to combine different air bubbles to create amazing effects. Only someone with Nami's meteorological knowledge would know how to correctly use a weapon like that! Nami is quite a fighter... besides one of the most beautiful girls in the series. This figure is good proof of that!

This figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 20 centimeters. Nami appears with summery aspect, since she dresses with a pink bikini and an orange T-shirt that has been gathered with a knot. You can see the tattoo on his left arm that represents a tangerine and a grinder (in homage to Bell-mère and Genzo, the closest thing to a parents that Nami had when she lived in Cocoyasi Ville as a child). That was the arm on which the tattoo originally indicated that it belonged to the Arlong Pirates, but she modified it when she joined the Straw Hat Pirates. On his left wrist she carries his indispensable compass. Nami appears winking an eye and running her hand through her long hair, which falls delicately on her back. It's a beautiful figure! This figure is an official One Piece license manufactured by Banpresto.

Complete your One Piece collection by adding this great Nami C ll One Piece Figure manufactured by Banpresto!

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