Oshino Shinobu LPM Figure Monogatari Series

  • License: M-S
  • Made by: Sega
  • Approximate size: 14 cms
  • SKU: FIG09029
29,90 €
Oshino Shinobu LPM Figure Monogatari Series

Don't be fooled by the adorable appearance of this figure that Sega offers us! The innocent Shinobu Oshino is in reality a vampire with more than 500 years of age! Monogatari is a series of light novels written by the Japanese Nisio Isin, illustrated by the Taiwanese Vofan and published by Kodansha that has been adapted to the anime with great success. The series tells the story of a young high school student named Koyomi Araragi who has just become a vampire without realizing it and thus he begins to enter the world of supernatural mysteries: vampires, spirits, gods, demons and all kinds of oddities. One of the characters he encounters is the little Shinobu Oshino, a vampire with more than 500 years who has seen his powers reduced unexpectedly and inhabits the body of a little girl. As the events of the series unfold and Shinobu recovers her powers, her body develops and resembles more and more what was her original appearance. While recovering all her old powers, Shinobu spends her time eating donuts.

This beautiful LPM figure is made of PVC and measures 14 centimeters high, approximately. Shinobu appears in her long white dress with a pink bow on her chest. Her long blond hair falls on her back while she holds a donut in her hands and shows a tender smile. The original base of the figure has the shape of a huge chocolate donut. Nobody said that vampires didn't like eating donuts! This figure is an official license of Monogatari Series and has been manufactured by Sega.

Are you looking for an adorable and mysterious gift? This beautiful Oshino Shinobu LPM Figure Monogatari Series that Sega offers us is just what you need!

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