Poster Water proof Dawn and bath salts Re:Zero

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Poster Water proof Dawn and bath salts Re:Zero

Re:Zero cleverly combines the fantastic setting, the mystery and the action, but what the fans of the series are really looking forward to are the various romances between our protagonist, the young Subaru Natsuki, and the beautiful girls in the series. All of them are a dream come true! The twin sisters Rem and Ram, the half-elf Emilia... which of them will end up conquering Subaru? In our case, we have no problem in turning to the adorable Rem. That is why we are always willing to offer all the products related to this character that Banpresto brings us. On this occasion, this manufacturer brings us a very peculiar product: three models of water resistant poster based on the female protagonists of Re:Zero, each accompanied by their corresponding bath salts.

This poster is A3 size, so it measures 30 centimeters high by 42 centimeters long. It's a poster resistant to water, so it can be placed in the bathroom without causing moisture damage. The poster shows Subaru hugging and kissing Rem tenderly under a bright sky over which we can see a rainbow. This scene occurs after Rem encouraged our protagonist to continue his adventures despite the great difficulties with which he had encountered. It's one of Re:Zero's most passionate moments! It comes accompanied by an envelope with bath salts that have been chosen especially to remember another of the female characters of the series for its color and its essence. In this case it's Rem's twin sister, Ram. Both the color and the smell are different from those of Rem's bath salts! This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto within the Ichiban Kuji collection.

Turn your bathtub into your own exclusive bathhouse with this waterproof poster and the Re:Zero bath salts that Banpresto offers us! Three different models available: sunrise, sunset and Rem.

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