Princess Rapunzel SPM Flax Color Figure Disney

  • License: Disney
  • Made by: Sega
  • Approximate size: 21 cms
  • SKU: FIG09028
29,90 €
Princess Rapunzel SPM Flax Color Figure Disney

The collection of Disney Princess continues to grow thanks to this great Rapunzel figure that Sega offers us! The great protagonist of Disney's animated hit, Tangled, joins the rest of the princesses available in this line of figures! Rapunzel is an 18-year-old girl who has spent much of her life living alone in a tower. The young woman had been imprisoned by the witch Gothel, who was posing as her mother to take advantage of the magical properties of Rapunzel's long hair. Since her hair lost its power when cut, Gothel needed to have Rapunzel at his disposal so he could stay eternally young thanks to his magic. Although she didn't know it, the real parents of Rapunzel, who were the rulers of the kingdom, kept looking for their lost daughter and every year they threw lanterns at night on her birthday in her memory. Accompanied by her pet chameleon, Pascal, Rapunzel saw the lanterns without knowing their meaning... until she decided it was time to escape from her tower to discover it!

This SPM Flax Color figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 21 centimeters in height. In it we can see Rapunzel as she appears in Tangled, with her dress of fuchsia color, her bare feet and her extraordinarily long golden hair. The chameleon Pascal is placed on Rapunzel's shoulder, who dances carelessly with a smile on her face. She's an authentic beauty! The figure includes its own support base to facilitate its placement and display. It's an official Disney license and has been manufactured by Sega.

Your Disney Princess collection won't be complete without Rapunzel! What are you waiting for to get the beautiful Princess Rapunzel SPM Flax Color Figure Disney that Sega offers us?

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