Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids

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Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids
Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids
Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids
Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids
Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids

The unicorn is undoubtedly the most majestic of all magical creatures. With its long horn on its forehead and its beautiful mane shaking in the wind, its ethereal beauty surpasses the compression of human beings, who for centuries have wanted to find one of these mythical beings. At last our oldest wish can come true thanks to this unicorn that... Stop! Just a moment! This isn't a true unicorn! It's one of those damned Rabbids! Appeared for the first time in the videogames of the Rayman saga, these crazy characters created by Ubisoft have become increasingly popular. In addition to starring in their own games, they have even had a television series. Unstable and hysterical, the Rabbids are always getting into trouble. In addition, they have also proven to be very versatile when it comes to disguise and it has become common to see them with the most unexpected outfits: recently we have seen them disguise themselves as Nintendo characters and today one of them has decided to become a Rabbicorn. This great makeup bag that ABYstyle offers us is a good example of the peculiar sense of humor of these little animals.

This makeup bag is made of 100% cotton and measures 22 centimeters long by 16 centimeters high, approximately. It closes with a practical zipper. It's beige and on its front we can see this peculiar Rabbicorn on a rainbow in the background. In addition to having a horn in the forehead, the Rabbicorn has a long tail of different colors and a matching mane. Under it appears the text "Unicorns are real". This product is an official license of the Rabbids manufactured by ABYstyle and has the quality of all ABYstyle products.

Don't you like unicorns? What are you waiting for to get this funny Rabbicorn Makeup Bag Rabbids manufactured by ABYstyle?

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