Rex Key Chain Fortnite POP!

  • License: Fortnite
  • Made by: Funko
  • Approximate size: 4 cms
  • SKU: MERCH05854
8,90 €
Rex Key Chain Fortnite POP!

Our friends from Funko offer us a new Funko POP! keychain model based on the best known skins of the game that triumphs all over the world! Here we have the great Rex Keychain from Fortnite! Rex is a legendary skin that belongs to the Dino Guard Set, a set of accessories related to dinosaurs (a glider with pterosaur wings, a beak with a head of tyrannosaurus...) that can be obtained in the Fortnite store. Actually, Rex is a normal man inside a dinosaur costume. His helmet is shaped like the head of a tyrannosaur, leaving his face between two jaws. His backpack has thorns and ends in a small tail. The suit is green, like the skin of these reptiles from the past. Nothing better to intimidate the rivals you meet on the island!

This Fortnite keychain is made of vinyl and measures approximately 4 centimeters. It shows a miniature version of the character in Funko POP style. The keychain has its own chain and is collected inside a box with a window. The character appears with his characteristic green dinosaur costume. Instead of holding its beak in your hands, it appears placing them in front of his body as if they were the claws of one of these reptiles. You can see the characteristic orange bandana on his neck, as well as the belts and straps of his suit. Did you know that the Rex skin is a tribute to the character of the same name that appears in the films of Toy Story by Pixar ? This keychain is an official and licensed product of Fortnite and it has been manufactured by Funko within its line of Funko POP keychains.

The time has come to return to the time when dinosaurs walked on earth! Get now the great Rex Key Chain Fortnite POP made by Funko!

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