Re:ZeRo #01 (Manga) Manga Oficial Planeta Comic (spanish)

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Re:ZeRo #01 (Manga) Manga Oficial Planeta Comic (spanish)

Planeta Comic publishes the manga of Re: ZeRo by Tappei Nagatsuki, Shinichiro Osuka and Daichi Matsuse.

Subaru Natsuki, a high school student, came back from the store 24 hours when suddenly someone invokes him in another world. Filled with gender stereotypes? However, far from those stereotypes, he is involved in a series of robberies that endanger his life. A mysterious girl, a beautiful girl with silver hair, saves him and asks him to help her find something they are looking for by following some clues. They are the object of an attack that ends their lives, but without realizing it ... Subaru appears again at the starting point of the fantasy world. "Return by death." An ordinary boy with a unique and incredible power: rewind the time when he dies. Here is the beginning of its history, the repetition of the same day in order to change the future.

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