Rider Francis Drake Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore
Rider Francis Drake Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore
Rider Francis Drake Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore
Rider Francis Drake Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore

Here comes a new Servant from the Fate universe! It's the fantastic figure of Francis Drake that Taito offers us! The Fate/Extra Last Encore series begins with the discovery on the Moon of a computer capable of modifying the laws of physics. This powerful object, known as the Moon Cell Automaton, is capable of granting any wish to anyone who manages to control it. For this the computer itself has brought together in a virtual world 128 masters capable of summoning historical heroes and villains, the Servants, to fight on their behalf. Only one of these Masters can take control of the Moon Cell Automaton and fulfill his wish. One of these Masters is the young Shinji Matou and his Rider-type Servant is Francis Drake, the legendary ship captain. She's one of the most important captains of the British Navy and her voyages of exploration aboard her ship, the Golden Hind, expanded the empire all over the world. Now she fight with her Master to reach the Moon Cell Automaton!

This figure of Francis Drake is made of PVC and measures approximately 18 centimeters high. The character wears high black boots and a long red coat that leaves her neckline exposed. It emphasizes her long pink hair, her big blue eyes and the scar that crosses her face. Francis Drake is equipped with two blunderbusses, one silver and the other golden. These are her main weapons and come from the era of piracy. This figure is an official and licensed product of Fate/Extra Last Encore and has been manufactured by Taito.

Discover the legendary Captain Francis Drake! Get now the great Rider Francis Drake Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore that Taito offers us!

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Rider Francis Drake Figure Fate/Extra Last Encore

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