Rubber Keychain Child Rem Re:Zero

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Rubber Keychain Child Rem Re:Zero

"If it's difficult to advance alone, I will subject you. We will share the burden and support ourselves as we move forward." Since the birth of twins was forbidden in the Oni clan, the demon clan, Rem and her twin Ram were about to be eliminated. However, when Ram showed tremendous magical power, both were forgiven. Ram was a child prodigy, while Rem had trouble controlling her abilities. One night, the wicked Cult of the Witch attacked the clan and wounded Ram, causing her to lose her powers in large part. Her sister felt tremendously guilty about what happened, so she decided to dedicate the rest of her life to taking care of her. Both became maids of the Roswaal mansion, where the protagonist of Re:Zero, Subaru Natsuki, met them. We have not had many chances to get into the past of the sweet Rem, but we love doing it! Banpresto has also included the child version of Rem in its precious collection of keychains based on the characters of Re:Zero.

This keychain is made of rubber and measures about 7 cm. The character appears on a black background, with his name written on the bottom. It shows Rem with her childish appearance, with white stockings, white dress and a big blue bow on her back. Little Rem carries a flower-shaped ornament in her hair. Her big eyes betray her childhood insecurity. It's so adorable that you feel like hugging her!

This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto. It's part of a collection of keychains based on the characters of the series that were sold at random in Japan, so that the consumer never knew what key ring he was going to win on each occasion. However, we offer you the possibility to choose the model you prefer. Within the same collection we can find several rubber keychains with other Re:Zero characters, such as Rem, Beatrice, Petelgeuse, Emilia and Ram. Choose the one you like best or take them all to complete the collection!

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