Rubber keychain Emilia Re:Zero

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Rubber keychain Emilia Re:Zero

"My name is Emilia. I come with Pack, a great spirit that controls the fire, and I am a half elf with silver hair. I understand that I am judged for being half elf and other similarities to the witch, but I absolutely refuse to let them cut my potential just for that reason." Emilia is the female protagonist of Re:Zero. His resemblance to the great enemy of the series, the Witch of Envy, has brought her some other problem, but so far she has always come out graceful. Emilia is a kind, fair and worried person, although sometimes insecure. She's a girl willing to get what she wants, showing that she never gives up no matter how hard the obstacles on her way. She's a user of ice magic and also has contracts with several spirits, such as Pack, spirit of fire. Although she had never experienced love, the arrival of our other protagonist, Subaru Natsuki, aroused many feelings within her. So that this character doesn't miss in your collection of Re:Zero, Banpresto presents its new keychains inspired by the characters of this fantastic series.

This keychain measures about 7 cm and is made of rubber. The character appears on a black background, with her name written on the bottom. Emilia wears her usual suit of white and violet colors. She carries his long silver hair loose, with the exception of the fringe, which is collected with a brooch in the shape of a butterfly. She also has a flower-shaped ornament. Emilia smiles intensely, closing her eyes. She's lovely!

This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto. It's part of a collection of keychains inspired by the Re:Zero characters that were sold at random in Japan, so that the buyer never knew with certainty what keychain he was going to win on each occasion. However, we offer you the possibility to choose the model you want. Within the same collection we can find several kinds of rubber keychains with other Re:Zero characters, such as Rem, child Rem, Beatrice, Petelgeuse and Ram. Choose the one you like best or take them all to complete the collection!

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