Rubber keychain Petelgeuse Re:Zero

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Rubber keychain Petelgeuse Re:Zero

"I was waiting for you, believer of love. I am an archbishop of the Cult of the Witch, representing laziness, Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti." In Re:Zero, not everything is beautiful girls ... we also find terrible villains! Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti, archbishop of the Cult of the Witch and faithful servant of the Witch of Envy, Satella, is one of them. He's a completely deranged man, in addition to a true sadist. He doesn't mind harming himself or other members of Cult of the Witch in order to defeat Subaru Natsuki, whom he despises by always referring to him as a "believer of love". As a servant of the witches of the deadly sins, Petelgeuse can use the Authority of Laziness, a terrible dark power. In addition, he's also an earth magic user. Although it seems strange, this nasty villain is also part of the collection of keychains inspired by Re:Zero that Banpresto offers us.

This keychain measures about 7 centimeters and is made of rubber. The character appears on a black background, with his name written on the bottom. Petelgeuse wears his suit of colors black, green and red. His red cloak flutters at his back, although what catches the most attention is the greenish and unpleasant tone of his skin. His bulging eyes are red with rage. Spooky!

This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto. It's part of a collection of keychains inspired by the Re:Zero characters that were sold at random in Japan, so that the buyer never knew with certainty what key ring he was going to win on each occasion. However, we offer you the possibility to choose the model you prefer. Within the same collection we can find several models with other characters from the series, such as Rem, child Rem, Beatrice, Emilia and Ram. Choose the one you like best or take them all to complete the collection!

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