Saber Plush Fate/Extra Last Encore

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Saber Plush Fate/Extra Last Encore
Saber Plush Fate/Extra Last Encore
Saber Plush Fate/Extra Last Encore
Saber Plush Fate/Extra Last Encore

Sega offers us this great plush from one of the most impressive characters in the Fate saga! Here we have Saber from Fate/Extra Last Encore! All the Servants of the Fate universe are legendary historical characters that are invoked by the Masters to fight in the war for the possession of the Holy Grail. Most of them present surprising versions of characters that we thought we knew well, which shows that sometimes the real story was very different from the legend we know today about that distant past. In Fate/Extra Last Encore, the mysterious Saber is one of these historical characters with a surprising twist. Her real name is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus and he was one of the emperors of Rome. It's the Emperor Nero! Also known as the Emperor of the Roses, Nero Claudius is a very different version of the emperor we know from history books. Completely dedicated to the welfare of his people, Nero Claudius built amphitheatres and held festivals... until the revolts led by Vindex in Galia made her lose favor with the Roman senate and her people turned their backs on her. Now Saber is invoked by Hakuno Kishinami to fight alongside him during the events shown by the Fate/Extra Last Encore anime. It's a character full of surprises!

This beautiful plush measures 40 centimeters long. It represents Saber with her characteristic red dress with yellow details. We can see her big green eyes and her blond hair gathered in the back. Saber appears with two large blushes on the cheeks. Don't you find her adorable? This product is an official license of Fate/Extra Last Encore manufactured by Sega.

This plush will look great in your room! Get now the Saber Plush Fate/Extra Last Encore that Sega offers us!

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