Saintia Sho - Saint Seiya #11 (Spanish) Manga Oficial Ivrea

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Saintia Sho - Saint Seiya #11 (Spanish) Manga Oficial Ivrea

In 2013, Masami Kurumada surprised both locals and strangers with the announcement of a new spin-off of his most popular series internationally: Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac. This time it would be a project that focused on young warriors of the Sanctuary, who would play the role of bodyguards and maids dedicated exclusively to serving Saori Kido, the Athena of this era. While the bronze knights of all their lives prepare for the Galactic Torneo, we meet the young Shoko, a girl who goes in search of her older sister Kyoko. He has lost track of him more than five years ago, when he entered a prestigious program of the Grad Foundation (also known as the Kido Foundation). In this search mission, he discovers the existence of the Saintias, warriors who protect Athena and who are a bit different from the order of the Saints (Knights). In which? While women who wish to be part of the Saints must leave all their femininity aside and use masks to further evidence that detail, the Saintias do not need to follow that protocol. In fact, it is a vital requirement that they be immaculate women and of great abilities to preserve to the maximum the purity of the virgin goddess. Thus it was given an extra twist to the original story, which always showed the five Bronze Saints (and, well, the calvus of Tatsumi) as the closest and interested in the welfare of the young millionaire. Unlike the rest of spin-off of the manga (Episode G and The Lost Canvas) that are located in other times, other time lines and even in other dimensions; This story takes place at the same time as the original manga, bringing to light stories and motivations of several classic characters. Thanks to this we can enjoy several parallels and situations that take place in the original story, as a kind of bonus track of an old vinyl for collectors. The development of the manga, moreover, is telling how a huge battle against a goddess is waged, while situations of the classic Saint Seiya are happening. The story is so well posed that it never contradicts or generates bumps or inconsistencies. And while it has many winks for the fans of a lifetime, it is a story that is understood perfectly without having read any other volume of the franchise before. The appearance of the gold knights is frequent, and from time to time some of the original bronze appear, including Seiya, obviously.

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