Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball

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Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball
Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball
Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball
Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball
Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball

If you manage to collect the seven dragon balls you can summon the legendary dragon Shenron! This dragon is capable of granting a wish to whoever manages to invoke it. His power has some limitations, but it's capable of bringing back to life those who have died. Do you already have your wish? Thanks to this great stuffed plush made by Banpresto you can have your own dragon Shenron! It will be a spectacular addition to your collection of plush toys! No doubt Shenron is one of the great icons of the series devised by Akira Toriyama. Inspired by Chinese mythology, this being has the classic look of the Chinese dragons, with their long elongated bodies, claws and horned heads. In the East, these types of dragons are considered sacred and are part of countless legends. It is not uncommon for the Dragon Ball characters to consider Shenron a sacred dragon. After all, its power has served to solve many problematic situations. How many of our favorite characters have come back to life thanks to a timely wish granted by this dragon?

This impressive plush is made of completely synthetic materials and measures approximately 80 centimeters in length. Despite its adorable plush appearance, the dragon is represented with all the details of its appearance in both manga and anime. Shenron has the elongated body of light green color, with a scaly crest that runs through its upper part. Its head is crowned by two brown horns and has two long green mustaches. Its large jaws have sharp teeth and its eyes are bright red. This product is an official license of Dragon Ball and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

This plush shouldn't be missing in the room of any Dragon Ball fan! Get now the fantastic Shenron Dragon Plush Dragon Ball that Banpresto offers us!

* Does not include the figure of Son Goku, only the plush.

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