Sword Art Online Mother's Rosario #03 (manga) Manga Oficial Planeta Comic (spanish)

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Sword Art Online Mother's Rosario #03 (manga) Manga Oficial Planeta Comic (spanish)

Planeta Comic publishes the manga Sword Art Online Mother's Rosary of Tsubasa Haduki, Reki Kawahara and abec.

It has been some time since the Death Gun case was resolved and a few days ago the mission to get the Excalibur sword reached its end. Asuna and company are at home in ALO finishing their holiday duties when the name of someone called "Zekken" appears in the conversation.

Rumor has it that this player offers an OSS (original sword skill) of 11 strokes to the one that manages to defeat him in a duel, but, so it is said, there is not a single contender who has achieved it yet. Knowing that Lisbeth, Leafa and even Kirito fought Zekken and were defeated from their respective fights, Asuna, intrigued, decides to go see the mysterious character on the small island on the 24th floor of the new Aincrad where, they say , you will usually find ...

The volume also includes an extra chapter supervised by the author Reki Kawahara in which the black swordsman's fight against Zekken is shown. Do not miss it!

Here begins the adaptation to the comic of Mother's Rosario, the most emotional episode of the SAO series!

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